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Sustainability, Tradition, Innovation

We produce recycled core board for industrial use and are specialists in manufacturing our board for toilet paper and kitchen towels rolls support. Our core target is tissue.

Since 1924, paper is our job and we know that the look and touch of a finished roll depends on a good core.

Paper Board Alliance Group

We are the industry leader of core board and a touchstone for the Italian and international markets.
We have grown stronger as a result of our existing export markets and we are branching out into new worldwide areas, which are the challenges of tomorrow. For our target, we focus on technological research with a special eye for the environment and sustainability.

Alla famiglia Cima tutto il capitale di PBA


We produce recycled core board suitable for the following industrial applications:

Tissue core boards
Corrugating papers and boards
Spiral and in-line tubes
Side runs & stock


To produce our core board we only use recovered fibre, which comes from household collection and industrial waste paper.
Recycling is good for the environment and it is a real example of circular economy.
Our machines are designed to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and to use a limited amount of water.

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