Cartiera dell’Adda gave 5 sailboats, model SailQube, to the sailing club Marvelia, to further support the youth activities on Lake Como.
Boats will be available to young people who will join the Sail Camp Aula Azzurra, summer activity organized by the Federal school Marvelia in Dongo, on the northwest side of the lake.
SailCamp is a free activity and it was made possible thanks to Cartiera dell’Adda which has always provided support to youth activity along with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo and the sponsorship of the City of Dongo.
The major of Dongo Mr Giovanni Muolo, the president of Marvelia Mr Nicolò Casiraghi, the vice-president of Marvelia Mr Armando Miraglia, the president of Cartiera dell’Adda, Mr Giuseppe Cima and the boat-builder Mr Pietro Negri ( Negri Nautica), they were all present at the ceremony.

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