icP on top of the Everest with Andrea Lanfri

icP on top of the Everest with Andrea Lanfri

Industria Cartaria Pieretti supported the endeavour of Andrea Lanfri, an athlete and Paralympic mountaineer from Lucca who made his dream come true: to reach the top of the world with prostheses.

ICP, together with other companies in the area, bet on this new challenge and reached the summit of Everest with Andrea Lanfri.

In 2015, due to fulminant meningitis with meningococcal sepsis, Lanfri underwent the amputation of both legs and seven fingers. Despite this, the athlete from Lucca never lost heart and made his life an example of tenacity and courage for all.

The last challenge was the most important one: to reach 8848 meters of the highest peak in the world. Challenge won by Andrea on 13th May, around 1am (Italy time). An exceptional sporting feat, in which he was accompanied by his friend and mountain guide Luca Montanari.

This was much more than just a sport challenge: it was making a dream come true, setting goals and going beyond your limits.

Well done Andrea!

Paper Board Alliance acquires Tecno Paper in Lucca

Paper Board Alliance acquires Tecno Paper in Lucca

Paper Board Alliance – PBA has purchased Tecno Paper, a metalworking company in Marlia (Lucca) which produces machinery and equipment for paper mills. It was founded in 2005 thanks to the experience of some engineers, and their expertise with metal working. 

The acquisition was made official yesterday – Friday 5 March – by the transfer of shares. The company from Lucca has grown exponentially over the years, and today has a turnover of around €9 million with around 60 employees.

The agreement establishes that Tecno Paper founding business partners Claudio Ferrari and Paolo Baldaccini hold 30% of the company, splitting 15% each. The other 70% is purchased by Paper Board Alliance – PBA, the holding company that combines Cartiera dell’Adda and Industria Cartaria Pieretti – ICP. These two companies produce 100% recycled paper and cardboard in the respective plants of Lecco and Marlia (Lucca).

Assisting Paper Board Alliance S.p.A in this procedure was law firm Studio Legale Gattai, Minoli, Partners, a team consisting of partner Luca Minoli, counsel Francesco Buoso, and associate Tommaso Soragni. Ceresio Investors – a Swiss banking group with offices in Milan and London – assisted Tecno Paper and the selling associates as a financial advisor under Alessandro Santini’s lead, and handled all the agreements regarding the associates who will maintain shareholding.

This operation allows PBA to expand its growth: the company purchased 80% of ICP in July 2018, and Tubicom through ICP in January 2020. Then, after the recent exit by Tiziano Pieretti from the company’s capital and board of directors in December 2021, the holding company owned by the Cima family again holds all of the PBA Paper Mill Group capital, and carries out a development programme for internal and external lines, as announced last December.   

Paper Board Alliance President Giuseppe Cimastates “We’ve been working for a long time on an improvement programme of the organisational aspects that are essential for an increase in production. We do this by combining our family’s experience with the strengthening of management structure, which is responsible for strategic planning. The Group’s aim for the years to come is to keep growing. We want to do this through “horizontal” operations, which means purchasing other paper mills to specialise each plant with resulting advantages in cost and quality, as well as “vertical” operations, meaning integration projects with the supply chain based on an increase in our innovation skills and technological development, which have always been cornerstones of our company. The operation with Tecno Paper fits in perfectly with this framework because it allows us to improve our quality further, and ensures the assistance of a qualified technological partner who can offer more and more customised solutions. At the same time, we avoid the risk of seeing it purchased by a big foreign plant engineering player who could misrepresent its peculiarities”.

PBA Group ended financial year 2021 with 250 employees, a paper production of 320.000 tons, an estimated turnover of around €130 million, and an increasing growth in volumes. Besides the production centres of Lecco and Marlia (Lucca), the Group includes 3 operational companies: one specialises in the purchasing of raw material, one is a logistics and cutting centre in the province of Lodi, and the third is a subsidiary for waste management. In 2020 the operational holding company was established, which is not only a shareholder, but also supplies the Group’s companies with qualified services in the fields of finance and administration, engineering, logistics, sales, and IT.

Cima continues “Tecno Paper will operate in full autonomy under the strong guidance of Paolo Baldaccini, who will be the President and CEO. Our goal is to guarantee Tecno Paper the conditions to keep growing on the market by increasing the quality of the services, and the range of machinery produced for their clients. By joining our Group – Cima concludes – Tecno Paper will benefit from our organisation’s management skills, and the experience of our paper mills in plant engineering planning. Furthermore, Tecno Paper will benefit from financial, administrative, and legal support from the Group’s holding company, which is important to easily overcome the market’s cyclic nature”.

Tecno Paper CEO Paolo Baldaccini, leading figure in this transition to PBA, addsThis agreement with PBA took place when we were making a new rewinder for them. We designed it, they liked the machine, we installed it, and we discussed the machine’s start up and installation. This is when our collaboration started, which became stronger over time up to PBA’s shareholding in Tecno Paper. The merging of these two entities, which are different but complementary, will bring future benefits as for the supply we can offer to paper mills. Besides mere mechanical working, a paper mill needs a targeted service. It needs specific and dedicated solutions that only those with great knowledge of paper production can give, knowledge which goes beyond the mechanical. Thanks to PBA’s experience we will develop new activities in the field of service, meaning assistance and the intervention of our engineers in the company, as well as the production of new highly specialised mechanical processes, which we will create from scratch to offer our clients an even more complete service. I’m referring to activities of planning which concern not only our “winding system technology” – our core business made of rewinders and reels – but also the adjustment of our lines of production, the paper machines, where we can offer appropriate solutions for the requested purposes. All of this is possible thanks to the synergy inside the group that allows us to test what is being produced, and introduce it on the market with an already high level of efficiency”.

Paper Board Alliance acquires Tecno Paper in Lucca
From left: Fontanelli, Ferrari, Baldaccini, Cima
Paper Board Alliance acquires Tecno Paper in Lucca
PRESS RELEASE in Tecno Paper – 5th March 2022

Paper Board Alliance is the Group name combining Cartiera dell’Adda and industria cartaria Pieretti.

This is the name of the new holding that brings together the companies of Cima and Pieretti families with a long and prestigious history in producing recycled paper and core board.

The goal is to reorganize the companies belonging to Cartiera dell’Adda Group –  Cima family –  making the organization more efficient and the financial system more attractive.

This process started in 2020 and it was concluded in early 2021, transferring most of the employees of some of the subsidiaries to  the new operational holding Paper Board Alliance ( PBA).

The reorganization adds a new chapter to the growing project of the Group which confirms itself as a major player in the grey board market. The Cima family project took an important step through the acquisition of an 80% stake in industria cartaria Pieretti located in Marlia ( Lucca) and belonging to the family of the same name.

In 2018, Tiziano Pieretti kept the 20% of the family company and he enters the PBA Group through share transfer and purchase, confirming the alliance between the two families traditionally involved in the grey board production.

As Giuseppe Cima explains: “ we share not only a long family tradition but also the environmental care, the international focus and the high-specialized known-how.

These factors are essential for an alliance maintaining its specific characteristics of production and allowing each company to focus on its own market thanks to a complementary structure: Cartiera dell’Adda  centered on the industrial field and on the European market and industria cartaria Pieretti focused on the tissue field.

In January 2020, industria cartaria Pieretti and Moba Eurotubi bought Tubicom a company based in Lucca producing  board tubes, highly-specialized in the tissue field. This operation confirms the entrepreneurial project of Cima and Pieretti families. “ It’s a strategic acquisition – says Tiziano Pieretti. With this  project we can deeply know a product from the customers side so that we can further improve the performance and quality of our board cores”.

To find the Group name, Cima and Pieretti have involved  the employees. As Cima states: we have asked our people to help us to choose a name and a logo that reflect our identity. Paper Board Alliance is an international brand that protects our core business, our focus on sustainability and it’s the evidence of doing business facing  the future challenges with synergy”.

By the end of 2020, the new  group reached a turnover of € 120 million with 230 employees between the two companies in Lecco and in Lucca and 300.000 tons/y of core board.

Also, Paper Board Alliance has already drawn up an industrial plan development which includes the possibility of acquiring other excellences of the paper sector.

“We are proud of the process undertaken. It will take some time to accomplish the integration of our plants-adds Cima. We have set high goals for the future and the holding and the key will be to strengthen our identity. We will further work on the performance of our plants, focusing on sustainability and environmental care sharing the set of guidelines of the Italian paper industry to reach the Green New Deal”.

The Board of Directors of Paper Board Alliance developing the Group’s strategies includes seven representatives: Giuseppe Cima, President; Giulio Cima, Vice-President; Roberto Fontanelli, Advisor with Administration, Finance and Control mandate; Amedeo Valeri, Advisor with Technology mandate; Tiziano Pieretti, Advisor with Institutional mandate; Paolo Giacchi, Advisor, Vartan Manoukian, Advisor.

The new  Paper Board Alliance is on line: www.paperboardalliance.com

Cartiera dell’Adda website: https://www.cartieradelladda.com/

industria cartaria Pieretti website:  https://www.pieretti.it/


Also this year, icP/industria cartaria Pieretti supports the Team Go Eleven, born in 2008 from the passion of Gianni Ramello and the motorcycling experience of Piero Cabutti. After 8 successful years with the Japanese Kawasaki, in 2021,the Team will support the Italian official Ducati, which is already the star of this beginning of season: at the opening of the Italian Thundervolt championship, Salaraoli is the winner, Collini is in the third place in the Supermoto Italian Trophy race and Alfano takes second place in the CIV Moto3 at Mugello. Go Fast! Go First! Go Fast! Go First!


Cartiera dell’Adda gave 5 sailboats, model SailQube, to the sailing club Marvelia, to further support the youth activities on Lake Como.
Boats will be available to young people who will join the Sail Camp Aula Azzurra, summer activity organized by the Federal school Marvelia in Dongo, on the northwest side of the lake.
SailCamp is a free activity and it was made possible thanks to Cartiera dell’Adda which has always provided support to youth activity along with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo and the sponsorship of the City of Dongo.
The major of Dongo Mr Giovanni Muolo, the president of Marvelia Mr Nicolò Casiraghi, the vice-president of Marvelia Mr Armando Miraglia, the president of Cartiera dell’Adda, Mr Giuseppe Cima and the boat-builder Mr Pietro Negri ( Negri Nautica), they were all present at the ceremony.


To local municipalities of Calolziocorte and Olginate, Parco Adda makes available the amount of € 340.000 as a result of an agreement which dates back to 2016 with Cartiera dell’Adda and Sime Energia regarding the compensation and environmental migration works to activate a Sime bio-mass power plant at Cartiera dell’Adda paper mill. The two companies, Cartiera dell’Adda and Sime, have requested that funds remain in the local territory, in the park, with measures aimed for citizens.

icP sostiene la Casa Famiglia Santa Gemma

La Casa famiglia S. Gemma, aperta nel 1990, accoglie madri con figli che si trovano in momentanea difficoltà offrendo loro un servizio educativo professionalmente qualificato volto al loro reinserimento nel tessuto sociale di appartenenza.
Anche quest’anno Industria Cartaria Pieretti ha deciso di sostenere l’associazione, una delle tante piccole realtà del nostro territorio che sono il punto di riferimento per l’accoglienza dei minori in difficoltà.

Il nome di gruppo? Una scelta di gruppo!

Le nostre aziende sono fatte dalle persone che ci lavorano, non c’è nessuno che le conosca meglio. Per il gruppo che è un momento è fondamentale: scegliere il proprio nome e il proprio logo, la propria identità. Abbiamo pensato di chiedere un contributo a tutti i dipendenti.

La solidarietà non si ferma

Attraverso un’iniziativa nata spontaneamente tra i dipendenti di sono stati raccolti più di 22.000 euro che saranno destinati a sostenere le attività dell’ Ospedale San Luca di Lucca, della Misericordia del Barghigiano e della Protezione Civile.
Con la nostra donazione vogliamo dare il nostro contributo e dire GRAZIE a tutti coloro che sono in prima linea contro l’emergenza Covid-19 .

Il tutto è maggiore della somma delle sue parti

L’antica verità coniata dal filosofo Aristotele è ancora una volta dimostrata dall’industria cartaria Pieretti SpA (icP) di Marlia (Capannori) – Lucca e Cartiera dell’Adda SpA di Calolziocorte – Lecco, due imprese italiane che hanno unito le loro forze nel campo della carta in lavorazione.
Questo l’inizio dell’articolo-intervista a Giuseppe Cima e Tiziano Pieretti per European Business. Competenza, risorse tecnologiche, know-how e visione del futuro gli argomenti affontati.
Leggi tutto l’articolo qui https://bit.ly/2ZQSRIn